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The Adam Juniper Publishing Consultancy has quite a lot to do with the aforementionend Adam Juniper; a publishing expert who has tackled everything from copy editing to sales in two decades, with the emphasis on helping creative people share their skills through some of the biggest publishing houses in the industry.


Adam Juniper


Because why not?

Being publishing shouldn’t be difficult. But it really can be. By working with publishers it’s ajpc’s goal to ensure you can be who you want on the page without having to become a publisher (with all the expense, difficulty and legal risk that entails).


Adam works with…





Copy of Fashion & Lifestyle Photography by Dixie Dixon

Dixie Dixon

– “So incredible to work with… Adam Juniper is the reason this book is out there”

Despite a hectic schedule as the face of Nikon, we were able to find time not just to create a book, but fine tune each page to match the author’s brand.

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