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The best drives in the world, with maps, illustrations & plenty of charge points.

The Electric Car Road Trip Book

by adamjuniper

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With instant torque, tons of space and no clattering engines, Electric cars are not only more exciting to drive than traditional ones – they make better road-trippers too. And its true that range isn’t much of an issue these days, but there are still faster chargers and slower chargers. This book showcases the most exciting drives you can imagine, and all tested so you can be sure you’ll never end up having a 20-hour “coffee break” to charge up!

What’s the idea?

Electric cars are revolutionising the road trip, taking the guilt out of exploring beautiful untamed countrside.

Is range anxiety real?

Well anxiety can be real, whether it is warranted or not. The ‘range’ of a car is how far it’ll go on a single tank full of fuel, or battery full of charge. It’s not an exact science of course – pootle along at 45mph or thrash along at [ahem] 70mph and you’ll find your range is markedly different whether you’re guzzling gas or ions.

Why things are a little different in EVs is that some of the more modestly priced models have smaller batteries, so when they’re 100% charged their total range isn’t as high as an eqivalent compact car.

The difference is that, when you come to charge an electric car, it can take a little – or a lot – longer than the ten minutes it takes to fill a tank with explosive hydrocarbons then walk over to the office.

A little or a lot?

Exactly! That’s why there are some road trips which are more EV friendly than others. Because in some places the infrastructure has placed high killowat chargers which mean a charge boost isn’t going to alter you day. But in other places – often the remote and beautiful ones – less juice is available at once so you might need a longer break.

That is where knowing a great EV Road Trip can help you out – this book is all about visiting locations which have been explored

So what will the book look like?

The designs aren’t finalised yet, so we’re keen to get any input from backers, but we’ll certainly be including maps showing existing charging points (with short links to live versions the authors will maintain). Beautiful full-colour photography will be included throught, as well as highlighting EV-friendly hotels along the way.


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April, 2020

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